Saturday, June 20, 2015

Some JFK Musings

 The assassination death of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas on November 22, 1963 is an event that will be etched in our nation's history and citizens' minds forever.   In a real, concrete way, after 50+ years, you would expect this effect to dwindle in its importance and potency.  However, it seems to reoccur frequently in my own mind.  I was a naive eight-year-old kid when this event happened, and therefore, I believe over time as I have been able to reflect and read about these events, its appeal and curiosity has driven me. You could say it's an obsession.  But people are "obsessed" about far less important things in their lives.  You could also ask how this solitary event really affects me as a person today. In some ways, not at all.  But I feel that as a nation, its impact was and is still enormous.

   I was sifting through some YouTube documentary style videos on JFK and then checked out a page entitled "50 Facts about the JFK Assassination" on AARP's website.  What is always amazing to me is the apparent attempt on the part of the nation's media to rubber-stamp that "Oswald killed John F. Kennedy".  Normally, as I have experienced through my study, these pronouncements rarely come with any attached evidence, annotations, or even afterthoughts about why this statement might be true or false.  It is just stated as obvious.

   I am looking forward to eventually reading two pro-Warren Commission books, Gerald Posner's "Case Closed" and Vincent Bugliosi's "The Reclaiming of History".  The 2,000 plus pages of these books causes one to pause before such a leap.  But I only think it is fitting that I give these documents a look.   The more I do read and study, the more I am convinced that not only was Lee Harvey Oswald not the lone assassin, but doubtful that he even fired a shot.

  There are MANY theories and MANY alternative explanations about and surrounding the JFK Assassination.  Most of these go into incredible detail regarding the facts and speculation about this event.  In studying about JFK, you will no doubt hear about the CIA, the Mafia, the Military, Cuba, Vietnam, LBJ, and many other various and diverse topics.

  What does not cease to amaze me is how simple some of the basic components of this event are, and how muddled and confused they can become over time.  I cannot believe how certain people and organizations can repeat mantras of Oswald's guilt, as well as other oft-repeated "facts" about the JFK Assassination, and never once mention some of the information that will be shared on websites such as this one.

  One of the most simple and easily comprehended questions to ask and ponder is the one already asked in a seperate post here, which is "Was Oswald on the Sixth Floor?"  I feel that this is probably one of the most important, yet simplest, questions regarding this case, but one that most overlook and ignore.  For if it is resolved that Lee Harvey Oswald WAS NOT, or COULD NOT have been on the Sixth Floor during the time of the JFK Assassination, then this case is certainly not closed, except to the "fact" of Oswald's being the lone assassin.

   I am NOT in any terms trying to postulate here that Oswald was not involved, nor unaware, of the details of JFK's assassination.  All I am seeking to investigate and discover is whether he was the one that pulled the trigger on that day.   Resolving that would not entirely exonerate him, but it would turn the spotlight from him to a host of other possibilities.

   It appears to me that the conspiracy, if there is one, regarding the JFK Assassination, is not only composed of the events that took place before and during that day, but of those that keep occurring even to this day.   There is a huge part of the population that does not believe in the Warren Commission's lone gunman theory, and hundreds of researchers who have done their part to shine a light on not only the fallacies in their work, but to shed a spotlight on what really may have happened.

  In brief, the reasons that I do NOT believe that Oswald was the assassin of JFK are the following :  (1) his presence, by eyewitness testimony, on -- not the Sixth Floor-- but the first and second floors of the TSBD at the time of the shots;   (2) parafin tests which showed that he had NOT fired a rifle that day;   (3)  Inconsistencies in the supposed measurements of the package that he carried into work that day that draw question as to whether it was a rifle;  (4) Testimony of those who were either on or in the vicinity of the stairwell that Oswald reportedly used, who all claim not to have seen ANYONE else descending or on those stairs; (5) his own insistence that he had not shot anyone, but was a "patsy."   

   We will go into all of these in great detail.  It goes without saying that many have sought to tear holes in the above facts, but if you seek to do so, then please be honest and respectful enough to provide as much thought and evidence for your own theories as are presented herein.

   ENJOY THE RIDE-- this is definitely a work-in-progress, one that I hope to enjoy, and one in which I also welcome comments and possible contributions.   There is no definite timeline here yet, but I hope to continue adding to this site, as long as there is useful information to share on it.

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